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If being W3C compliant or section 508 compliant is mandatory for you or you just want to be a good corporate citizen, we assist you to achieve your objective though Accessibility Testing.


Accessibility refers to the extent to which a website can be used by people with disabilities. Websites should be accessible to any user, regardless of physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities. By being accessible, your website will provide to people with disabilities equal access to any information and services on it. An accessible website is also more usable by old users and visitors who navigate with slow Internet connection. Therefore, ensuring that your website is as accessible as possible will greatly add to the number of its potential users.


We have experts who identify where your website, intranet or system causes problems for your customers and provide appropriate solutions.


We deliver:

• A detailed report with page by page accessibility review
• All legal violations reported on basis of urgency with solutions to fix the same given the increasing number of law suits and changing accessibility laws (PAS 78-UK) accessibility testing is now almost mandatory for all public websites.