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Usability Research


Our usability research services simplify digital interfaces to make them more effective. We do so by leveraging user research to minimize the chances of user rejection of your interface. We have a range of usability research solutions that can tackle an array of business requirements.


Our service gives a detailed snapshot of the demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics of your key user, the nature of his interaction with the interface and the environment in which he conducts his interaction. We provide an in-depth understanding of the user for whom the interface is being created. Covering the basics of demographics, psychographics, geographic, behavioral, web graphics (if applicable), user profiling throws light on the rational, emotional and sensory characteristics of interface use. When you have an existing interface or a beta and you would like a quick review to see that it has no major usability concerns, we offer Guidelines Benchmarking.


We cover the following areas:
• Contextual Enquiry
• User Profiling & Persona Creation
• Guidelines Baselining
• Competitive Benchmarking
• Cognitive Walkthroughs
• Usability Labs
• Usability Surveys
• Requirements traceability
• Understandability
• Defect tracking for functional testing